New EU project at HAW


New HORIZON 2020 joint project on BIOPLASTICS: HAW Hamburg raises 8.4 million in funding

In its HORIZON 2020 research program, the European Union is funding the BIOPLASTIC EUROPE project initiated by HAW Hamburg with a total of 8.4 million euros – HAW Hamburg will receive just under one million euros of this.

The start of the four-year research project is October 1, 2019. Project coordinator is Prof. Dr. Dr. Walter Leal, resident at the Faculty of Life Science at HAW Hamburg and head of the European School of Sustainability Science and Research (ESSSR). Also involved is Prof. Dr. habil. Gesine Witt, Professor of Environmental Chemistry at HAW Hamburg, is involved in the project. MSc Silja Kröger will test the degradability of new biodegradable plastic materials provided in the project. For this purpose, she will conduct degradation studies in the terrestrial as well as in the aquatic environment.

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