Developing and Implementing Sustainability-based Solutions for Bio-based Plastic Production and Use to Preserve Land and Sea Environmental Quality in Europe — BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE

Funding by the European Commission

Funding period

Project Lead

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Prof. Dr. Walter Leal

Subproject Lead

Prof. Dr. Gesine Witt

Silja Denise Kröger

Description of the project

The project will investigate the potential impacts of bioplastics on the terrestrial and aquatic environment, including flora and fauna, as well as potential impacts on human health. This is part of the procedures for the biodegradable sustainability framework. Pre-normative research and testing of various modalities of bioplastics under laboratory and field conditions will result in a better knowledge of the expected or potential impacts of the release of chemicals from the degradation of bioplastics. This, in turn, can provide a solid basis for further development of those categories of bioplastics that are considered less hazardous to human and environmental health. Work carried out under this objective will contribute to the development of EU-wide harmonized biodegradability criteria (outdoor and marine) and a sustainability framework that will increase market transparency and improve waste management practices on land and at sea.